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Responsive Type and Zoom (by Adrian Roselli)

When people zoom a page, it is typically because they want the text to be bigger. When we anchor the text to the viewport size, even with a (fractional) multiplier, we can take away their ability to do that. It can be as much a barrier as disabling zoom. If a user cannot get the text to 200% of the original size, you may also be looking at a WCAG 1.4.4 Resize text (AA) problem.

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FS Split Sans and FS Split Serif (fontsmith.com)

Although FS Split started out as a project to create a fresh, modern new sans, it has developed into a broad type family that can bring so much variety to everything from magazines and packaging to websites and branding. The conflicting yet harmonising nature of sans and serif should give designers the tools they need to be both bold and subtle, eclectic and ordinary, contemporary and classic.

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Note · 12:00 AM ·

I’m just back from a fantastic couple of days in Brighton attending Ampersand – The Web Typography Conference – and also a Responsive Web Typography workshop with Richard Rutter at Clearleft.

Attendees take their seats at Ampersand Conference 2018
Attendees take their seats at Ampersand 2018

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