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Modern Font Stacks

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System font stack CSS organized by typeface classification for every modern OS. The fastest fonts available. No downloading, no layout shifts, no flashes — just instant renders.

This is a great resource for when you want a particular style of font (workhorse sans-serif, grotesque, monospace, display slab serif etc) and to favour a system font rather than a custom font to get performance and simplicity benefits allied to having many weights and characters natively available.

To grab a stack, just copy the font-family declaration from its card then paste that into your CSS.

To easily preview how custom text of your choice would look in each stack, use the handy form at the top of the page.

Aside from its utility I also love this page as a learning resource. For each font category, the font and weight your browsing context is currently using is highlighted in blue with a solid underline, while those available but not currently in use and those unavailable are also separately highlighted. This gives you even more information than Firefox’s font panel or the WhatFont extension for Chrome.


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