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A stream of consciousness by Laurence Hughes

Hi, I’m Laurence. I’m a Glaswegian web developer using modern web standards to create user-focused, responsive websites. I also make music, play records and ping pongs. This is my online home; a playground for coding fun and place to share thoughts on the web, music and more.

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It's 2023, here is why your web design sucks (by Heather Buchel)

Heather explores why we no longer have “web designers”.

It's been belittled and othered away. It's why we've split that web design role into two; now you're either a UX designer and you can sit at that table over there or you're a front-end developer and you can sit at the table with the people that build websites.

Celtic FC podcast – John Kennedy interview

This is a great one-hour interview and a fantatic insight into John Kennedy’s brief but eventful career – the highs and the crushing lows.

I already liked John Kennedy but after hearing him speak so candidly and well, and getting more of an insight into his “don’t waste a minute” attitude, he’s gone even further up in my estimations.

Marbella with Mum and Dad

My folks haven’t managed a holiday outside of Scotland in a long time. So it’s been nice to spend a week together in Spain.

Laurence on holiday in Marbella with Mum and Dad
On holiday in Marbella with Mum and Dad

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