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A Global Design System, by Brad Frost

Hard to argue with Brad’s logic.

Right now, vast numbers of human beings are devoting their time and energy to designing, building, documenting, and maintaining the exact same set of common components.

Our efforts to reduce duplicative work at the individual level are resulting in duplicative work at the inter-organization level.

A Global Design System would improve the quality and accessibility of the world’s web experiences, save the world’s web designers and developers millions of hours, and make better use of our collective human potential.

Invisible success, by Eric Bailey

Here’s Eric Bailey with some very relatable thoughts on the need to tell design system stories even though it’s difficult.

The component works. And because it works, nobody pays attention to it.

This is the promise of a design system made manifest: Consistent, quality experiences for complicated interactions, distributed at scale with minimal fuss.

This is objectively great. The problem, however, is how we talk, or fail to talk about this type of success.

Origami Design System

The FT’s design system Origami not only has a cool name but also some interesting metrics.

An interactive guide to CSS Container Queries, by Ahmad Shadeed

This is a wonderful guide that’s choc-full of practical examples.

CSS container queries help us to write a truly fluid components that change based on their container size. In the next few years, we’ll see less media queries and more container queries.

How would you build Wordle with just HTML & CSS? by Scott Jehl

Scott proposes an interview question relating to web standards and intelligent use of JavaScript.

How would you attempt to build Wordle (...or some other complex app) if you could only use HTML and CSS? Which features of that app would make more sense to build with JavaScript than with other technologies? And, can you imagine a change or addition to the HTML or CSS standard that could make any of those features more straight-forward to build?

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