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Getting started with Utopia Figma Plugins (Utopia Blog)

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Here’s another tool from the Utopia creators to assist with breakpoint-free fluid responsive design.

Until now, the tooling for Utopia has been predominantly developer-focused, but we know that's only half the story. To start to address this, we've created a pair of Figma plugins to help designers set out Utopian project foundations.

I also really like the idea of having three sets of type styles at both defined viewport sizes.

We typically use a Strong style for headings and other text that we want to visually punctuate our designs. The Prose style is useful for longer-form text which might benefit from a larger, more relaxed line height. The Default style is a catch-all for other snippets of text in our designs, like a standlone link, a short piece of explainer text, or perhaps an image caption. The number and variety of styles required will vary depending on your design's purpose and style but these three serve as a reasonable starting point.

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