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Issues with Source Code Pro in Firefox appear to be fixed

Last time I tried Source Code Pro as my monospaced typeface for code examples in blog posts, it didn’t work out. When viewed in Firefox it would only render in black meaning that I couldn’t display it in white on black for blocks of code. This led to me conceding defeat and using something simpler.

It now looks like I can try Source Code Pro again because the issue has been resolved. This is great news!

So, I should grab the latest release and give it another go. Actually, for optimum subsetting and performance I reckon in this case I can just download the default files from Source Code Pro on Google Webfonts Helper and that’ll give me the lightweight woff2 file I need.

I’d also mentioned the other day that I was planning to give Source Serif another bash so if everything works out, with these two allied to my existing Source Sans Pro I could have a nice complimentary set.

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