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Block Links: A tricky UI Problem

You have a “card” component which includes a heading, some text, an image, and a link to the full article, and it’s working great. Then along comes a UX requirement that the full card (not just the button or link) should be clickable. This is where things get complicated.

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My Sketch Cheatsheet

I’ve used Sketch for a few years, having followed the lead of my designer colleagues who switched from Photoshop. As a web developer primarily inspecting and grabbing things from other folks’ designs, my level has been pretty basic. However I’ve decided to level up and get more creative. As I learn the ropes, here’s a list of useful (Mac-based) Sketch tips for my reference and yours.

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Image Color

A handy tool for identifying colours – provided in numerous different CSS-ready formats – and creating a complimentary colour palette from an image you upload or provide as a URL.

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