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SaaS startups will have to care about productivity again, by DHH

Getting to profitability is no longer a distant, post-IPO nice-to-have, but a short-term necessity for survival. But how to do that without cutting off the legs of the product team? By using better tools and techniques, that's how.

DHH of 37 Signals and Basecamp offers three pieces of advice for productivity and profitability.

1: Unless market conditions demand otherwise, delay native app development for as long as possible.

2: Hire full-stack developers, and don't let them split the frontend and backend into separate jurisdictions.

3: Hire designers who work natively with the web.

I’m not a fan of the term “full-stack” and also think it underestimates the complexity/speciality required to work (properly) as a front-end developer. However that aside, I think there is sense in these, even though others I know would disagree.

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