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My Sketch Cheatsheet

Here’s a list of useful (Mac-based) Sketch tips for my reference and yours.

Commands Quick Reference

Task Command Notes
Add an artboard a or Insert > Artboard
Insert text element t
Insert rectangle r
Centre screen on current element Command-2
Zoom out, centred on artboard Escape then Command-2 then Command-0
Zoom in on current element to 100% of screen size Command-0
Show and hide rulers Control-R or use “View” dropdown at top-right
Duplicate element Hold Option while drag from original. Hold Shift for alignment
Check distances Select one layer then hold down Option then hover over the other layer
Adjust text size by decimal increments Hold Option while adjust size via right-hand panel
Resize an image Drag from sides or corners to your target size, holding shift to maintain aspect ratio
Crop an image Select then double-click image to go into image mode. Draw the rectangular shape you want to crop over the image, then select “crop” from top-right

Key Concepts

Starting with an Artboard

The initial canvas is infinite so we need a fixed frame (representing a device screen) on which to work.


  1. Add an artboard.
  2. From the top-right choose one of the options (presets) e.g. Responsive Web > Desktop (1024 × 1024) or select “Custom”.
  3. Rename your layer to something appropriate for the overall task, e.g. News Article.

Creating something

  • Show rulers.
  • Add markers by clicking in the horizontal ruler at the top to provide gutters. Create them at, say, 32px from each side.
  • Add a text element, with lateral boundaries snapped to your markers. If it’s for body text, type my lorem0 shortcut 1.


  1. the lorem0 shortcut accesses “lorem ipsum” text which I previously saved into Mac > Preferences > Keyboard > Text.
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