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A UX observation regarding good design, by Adam Silver

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A spicy but somewhat relatable thought from Adam Silver:

UX observation: I think there might be more devs who care about good design than there are designers. By “good” I mean works for everyone (is accessible) rather than looks nice. What do you think?

The ensuing conversation is pretty interesting. I particularly liked these contributions from Martin Hoyer:

Absolutely. Thinking about the design code-first and understanding how HTML works is so valuable. I don’t think designers should learn HTML but they shouldn’t be the first people to decide how something is built!

He goes on to describe how he thinks design should be done as follows:

In an ideal world (and I don’t think I’ve ever fully achieved this) I’d like to get some requirements (from product I guess), build a prototype in code, then collaboratively iterate on the design from there. Maybe call it a design sprint or whatever!

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