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Displaying tables on narrow screens

Responsive design for tables is tricky. Sure, you can just make the table’s container horizontally scrollable but that’s more a developer convenience than a great user experience. And if you instead try to do something more clever, you can run into challenges as I did in the past. Still, we should strive to design good narrow screen user experiences for tables, alongside feasible technical solutions to achieve them.

In terms of UI design, I was interested to read Erik Kennedy’s recent newsletter on The best way to display tables on mobile. Erik lists three different approaches, which are (in reverse order of his preference):

  1. Hide the least important columns
  2. Cards with rows of Label-Value pairs
  3. More radical “remix” as a “Mobile List”

Another article worth checking is Andrew Coyle’s The Responsive Table. He describes the following approaches:

  1. Horizontal overflow table (inc. fixed first column)
  2. Transitional table
  3. Priority responsive table

For the transitional table, Andrew links to Charlie Cathcart’s Responsive & Accessible Data Table codepen. It looks similar (perhaps better looking but not quite as accessible) to Adrian Roselli’s Responsive Accessible Table.

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