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Fuzzy Logic show (Feb ‘23), Clyde Built Radio

Having pre-recorded previous shows, I recently made a first visit to Clyde Built Radio’s station at the Barras market for a live show and really enjoyed it. It’s such a great location and it was a nice change to spin records on a Sunday morning.

Three records – by Bitchin Bajas, Isotope 217 and Visions of Tomorrow – that featured on Laurence Hughes’s February 2023 Clyde Built Radio show
Featured sounds from Bitchin Bajas, Isotope 217 and Visions of Tomorrow

I started off gently with atmospheric music from Detroit’s Ian Finklestein followed by a modern take on Steve Reich from Bitchin Bajas. From there it was into some hazy electronics and a dash of 80s boogie before landing on sounds from house music legends Abacus and Larry Heard.

Listen to the show.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Ian Finklestein – Ago-ra
  2. Bitchin Bajas – Amorpha
  3. Isotope 217 – Audio Boxing
  4. Coral D & PST – Send it
  5. Komiko – Feel Alright
  6. Visions of Tomorrow – Galaxy
  7. Wheelup – Infinity feat. Abacus
  8. Cy Gorman – Dewy Drip
  9. Peech Boys – Don’t make me wait (Dub)
  10. Purelink – Dozen Sunbeams (Nice Girl version)
  11. Abacus – The Lower End Theory
  12. Ossie – I hurt you
  13. Fingers Inc – Bye Bye

Thanks to Amy for the invite, and Brandon, the engineer on the day.

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