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Visit to North Berwick

During a recent November week off I enjoyed a first visit to North Berwick. It’s a beautiful seaside town and I was lucky enough to get lovely cold-but-sunny winter weather.

Here are some of the things I did:

  • Stayed at the Marine Hotel. This was a treat as it was quite posh, but I save money these days from being at home a lot and it was only for a couple of days so I’m gonna allow myself this one. The breakfast (porridge followed by cooked breakfast) was amazing and I also loved the pool and outdoor jacuzzi!
  • Beach walk beside the golf course into town
  • A walk around the harbour including great cliff views out to the Firth of Forth
  • A visit to the seabird centre where, amongst other things, I learned that gannets inhabit the Bass rock and that a gathering of gannets is called a gannetry!
  • Pretty good lil’ shops! I particularly enjoyed the Steampunk coffee shop which also houses the Orange Moon record store.
  • Enjoyed a pint at The Ship Inn and The Auld Hoose. It turns out that my friend Kris’s dad (who I knew pretty well) was a regular at the latter.
  • A nice frutti de mare pasta dinner at Bella Italia

Next time I visit (hopefully with Clair and Rudy) I should go in summer so I can catch The Lobster Shack open! I’d also like to visit nearby Tantallon Castle.

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