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Using aria-current is a win-win situation

The HTML attribute aria-current allows us to indicate the currently active element in a sequence. It’s not only great for accessibility but also doubles as a hook to style that element individually.

By using [aria-current] as your CSS selector (rather than a .current class) this also neatly binds and syncs the way you cater to the visual experience and the screen reader experience, reducing the ability for the latter to be forgotten about.

As Léonie Watson explains, according to WAI-ARIA 1.1 there are a number of useful values that the aria-current attribute can take:

  • page to indicate the current page within a navigation menu or pagination section;
  • step for the current step in a step-based process;
  • date for the current date.
  • time for the current time.

I’ve been using the aria-current="page" technique on a couple of navigation menus recently and it’s working well.

Also: my thanks go to Ethan Marcotte, David Kennedy and Lindsey. Ethan recently suggested that the industry should try harder regarding accessibility and recommended subscribing to David Kennedy’s a11y Weekly newsletter. I duly subscribed (it’s great!) and one of the issues linked to Lindsey’s article An Introduction to ARIA states in which I learned about aria-current.

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