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The accessibility of conditionally revealed questions (on GOV.UK)

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Here’s something to keep in mind when designing and developing forms. GOV.UK’s accessibility team found last year that there are some accessibility issues with the “conditional reveal” pattern, i.e. when selecting a particular radio button causes more inputs to be revealed.

The full background story is really interesting but the main headline seems to be: Keep it simple.

  1. Don’t reveal any more than a single input, otherwise the revealed section should not be in a show-and-hide but rather in its own form in the next step of the process.
  2. Conditionally show questions only (i.e. another form input such as Email address)—do not show or hide anything that’s not a question.

Doing otherwise causes some users confusion making it difficult for them to complete the form.

See also the Conditionally revealing a related question section on the Radios component on the GDS Design System

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