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Secrets To Block Like a Pro Tutorial A-Z

In this tutorial video Seth Pech shares what he’s learned about that most foundational (and important) of table-tennis shots – the block.


  1. keep the racket in front rather than blocking on the side of your body. You can see it better and transition faster
  2. for the basic block just use the opponent’s energy – don’t add anything
  3. for backhand, block in your normal backhand posture (rather than a lollipop, or poking) to aid transitioning to attack
  4. don’t bend your wrist back lots – it’s painful. Bend it back just a little.
  5. timing: catch it on rise or at top of the bounce, rather than just off the bounce
  6. against a heavy-spin loop, let the ball come to you and push down on it. Don’t move into it

Backhand punch block:

  1. have a relaxed wrist
  2. small backswing – imagine your hand hitting a sheet of paper and getting a nice “smack” on it for a “pop” sound
  3. catch ball at the top of the bounce. Going early makes it hard to get over the net.
  4. ascend very slightly through shot for a tiny bit of topspin (but tiny, as it’s still a punch)
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