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Super-reliable forehand loop technique

Nice video here from Tom Lodziak in which coach Emma Harradine demonstrates a forehand loop (against backspin) that just looks so spinny, safe and reliable.

I’ve always liked the idea of this shot – the archetypal third ball in the rally – being like a well-oiled machine, but have never quite nailed it. So I’m gonna study this!

The key points are:

  1. Drop the right knee and put weight on right foot
  2. Rotate hips and upper body so that non-playing shoulder, elbow face table and non-playing upper-arm is horizontal like table surface
  3. Drop bat below height of the ball
  4. Brush the ball
  5. Contact ball at top of its bounce – don’t let it drop
  6. Rotate hips, upper-body
  7. The key is consistency and spin. This shot is a set-up not a winner
  8. Next shot can be more direct and faster, but don’t blast it either – there’s no need. Going for position is really effective.
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