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How I use as my JAMstack CMS

Here are my quick links and tips for creating a markdown-file-based blog post using only and no CMS. I’ve put these on this site so that they’re on the web therefore I can access them wherever I am.

Why do I create posts this way? Because I’ve tried (now Tina) and Netlify CMS and I no longer have the time or inclination to maintain their dependencies, load their JavaScript or make ongoing updates as they evolve. I’ve also found them a little flaky. So instead let’s see how this lo-fi approach works.

This post is mainly for my own reference but who knows, maybe it’ll be useful to someone else too.

Step 1:

Create a new markdown file in my posts directory

Step 2: use one of these previous posts as a template (use the “copy raw file” icon-button then paste into my new markdown file):

Useful references

Other notes

Reminder to self: create a bookmark for this post on all my devices. Name it “Nu Gh post”.

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