My Screen Reader Cheatsheet

Here’s a list of useful Screen Reader commands and tips for my reference and yours. This is a work in progress and I’ll update it as I go.

VoiceOver (Mac) #

Initial setup: #

  1. Open Safari > Preferences > Advanced; then
  2. check the checkbox “Press tab to highlight each item on a webpage”.

Usage #

  • Open the page you want to test in your web browser (you might favour Safari for VoiceOver).
  • Cmd-F5 to turn VoiceOver on.
  • Cmd-F5 (again) to turn VoiceOver off.

Get Cmd-F5 for “toggling on and off” into your muscle memory!


  • Ctrl-Option-A to have VoiceOver read the entire page.
  • Ctrl to pause VoiceOver, and Ctrl again to resume.
  • Tab through items on the page using the tab key. This will move to the next focusable item (button, link, input).

Quickly jump to specific page elements #

  • Ctrl-Option-U to open Rotor
  • Browse categories using left and right arrows. This includes the Landmarks menu.
  • Down arrow to browse within the categories
  • press Return to select an item

Tables #

  • Navigate to a table using Ctrl-Option-Cmd-T
  • It should read a caption and give you info about the size of the table
  • Ctrl-Cmd-{arrowkey} to navigate inside the table.

References #

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