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07/01/21 DJ Mix – Manifold

First in a series of mainly short, off the cuff mixes where I just hit record and see where it goes. This one’s on the Electro tip, having kicked it off with Versalife’s Manifold from last year.


  1. Versalife – Manifold
  2. Carl Finlow – Components
  3. Sedgwick – Rhythm & Isolation
  4. ESB – Tethys
  5. Reedale Rise – Transluscent
  6. Anthiliawaters – Barcelona
  7. Turner Street Sound – Dunes (Oceanic Mix)

The mix was recorded on two Technics SL1210s and an Isonoe ISO420 mixer.

If you like talking music feel free to give me a shout on Twitter @fuzzylogicx.

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