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A Utility Class for Covering Elements (on CSS { In Real Life })

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Need to overlay one HTML element on top of and fully covering another, such as a heading with translucent background on top of an image? Michelle Barker has us covered with this blog post in which she creates an overlay utility to handle this. She firstly shows how it can be accomplished with positioning, then modernises her code using the inset CSS logical property, before finally demonstrating a neat CSS Grid based approach.

I like this and can see myself using it – especially the Grid-based version because these days I try to avoid absolute positioning and use modern layout tools instead where possible.

I’ve mocked up a modified version on Codepen, sticking with CSS Grid for simplicity. I was going to also wrap it in an @supports (display:grid) however the styles are all grid-based so in the case of no grid support they simply wouldn’t run, rather than causing any problems.

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