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GOV.UK visitor stats for January 2022

Thanks once again to Matt Hobbs and GOV.UK for sharing their website visitor stats publicly so that we can learn from them. As ever, lots of juicy detail in Matt’s thread.

GOV.UK stats for January (1-31):

- Chrome - 45.08%

- Safari - 36.82%

- Edge - 7.38%

- Samsung Internet - 7.08%

- Firefox - 1.35%

- Android Webview - 0.72%

- Safari (in-app) - 0.61%

- Internet Explorer - 0.5%

100% = 187,969,863


—Matt Hobbs, @TheRealNooshu

In particular, their “usage by device type” stats see mobile at ~67%, Desktop at ~30.5%, Tablet at ~2.5%.

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Progressively enhanced burger menu tutorial by Andy Bell

Here’s a smart and comprehensive tutorial from Andy Bell on how to create a progressively enhanced narrow-screen navigation solution using a custom element. Andy also uses Proxy for “enabled” and “open” state management, ResizeObserver on the custom element’s containing header for a Container Query like solution, and puts some serious effort into accessible focus management.

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Three CSS Alternatives to JavaScript Navigation (on CSS-Tricks)

In general this is a decent article on non-JavaScript-based mobile navigation options, but what I found most interesting is the idea of having a separate page for your navigation menu (at the URL /menu, for example).

Who said navigation has to be in the header of every page? If your front end is extremely lightweight or if you have a long list of menu items to display in your navigation, the most practical method might be to create a separate page to list them all.

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