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The ARIA presentation role

I’ve never properly understood when you would need to use the ARIA presentation role. This is perhaps in part because it is often used inappropriately, for example in situations where aria-hidden would be more appropriate. However I think the penny has finally dropped.

It’s fairly nuanced stuff so I’ll forgive myself this time!

You might use role=presentation in JavaScript which progressively enhances a basic JS-independent HTML foundation into a more advanced JS-dependent experience. In such cases you might want to reuse the baseline HTML but remove semantics which are no longer appropriate.

As an example, Inclusive Components Tabbed Interfaces starts with a Table of Contents marked up as an unordered list of links. However in enhanced mode the links take on a new role as tabs in a tablist so role=presentation is applied to their containing <li> elements so that the tab list is announced appropriately and not as a plain list.

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