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Nordhealth’s Design System

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There’s so much to admire in Nord Health’s Design System and specifically its reference website.

I love the way it looks and is organised.

There’s a fantastic, practical accessibility checklist.

They document their naming conventions and the rationale behind them.

They were a trailblazer in adopting web components and I love the docs explaining why.

We’ve chosen to use Web Components because there is a strong requirement for Nord to be used in many different contexts and with varying technologies — from static HTML pages to server-rendered apps, through to single page applications authored with frameworks such as React and Vue. Web Components work great for Nord, because they:

  • Are tech-agnostic instead of tech-specific
  • Future proof our system with Web Standards
  • Allow us to use any framework or no framework at all
  • Provide great encapsulation for styles and functionality

Lastly their components look great and show a really high-level of front-end and accessibility literacy.

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