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From dynamic to static

“I’ll just make a few small tweaks to my website…” said I. Cut to three sleep-deprived days later and I’ve rebuilt it, SSG/JAMstack-stylee with Eleventy and Netlify and entirely re-coded the front-end. Silly, but so far so good, and it’s greasy fast!

So yes, I’ve just updated my website from being a dynamic, LAMP-stack affair which used Perch CMS and was hosted on Linode to being statically-generated using Eleventy and hosted on Netlify.

It mostly went smoothly. And the environmental and continuous deployment boilerplate that Netlify provide are fantastic, and will be a real time-saver over my current “set up and maintain a Linode server” approach.

In terms of challenges and troubleshooting, I did have to find a solution to the issue of FOUT on repeat visits. It seems this was happening as a result of Netlify’s interesting approach to asset caching which works well for most requirements but wasn’t so great for self-hosted webfonts. My solution was to add specific headers for .woff and .woff2 files in my application’s Netlify config file.

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