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Favourite Eleventy (11ty) Resources

Here are my current go-to resources when building a new site using Eleventy (11ty).

Build an Eleventy site from scratch by Stephanie Eckles. As the name suggests, this is for starting from a blank canvas. It includes a really simple and effective way of setting up a Sass watch-and-build pipeline that runs alongside that of Eleventy, using only package.json scripts rather than a bundler.

Eleventy Base Blog from 11ty. If rather than a blank canvas you want a boilerplate that includes navigation, a blog, an RSS feed and prism CSS for code block styling (among other things) then this is a great option. Of course, you can also just cherry-pick the relevant code you need, as I often do.

Eleventy Navigation Plugin. This allows you to set a page or post as a navigation item. It handily supports ordering and hierarchical nesting (for subnavigation). You can then render out your navigation from a layout in a one-liner or in a custom manner.

Eleventy Cache Assets Plugin. This is really handy for caching fetched data so as not to exceed API limits or do undue work on every build.

11ty Netlify Jumpstart is another from Stephanie Eckles but this time a “quick-start boilerplate” rather than blank canvas. It includes a minimal Sass framework, generated sitemap, RSS feed and social share preview images. The About page it generates contains lots of useful info on its features. settings for 11ty Base Blog and settings for Hylia (Andy Bell’s 11ty starter)

Add Netlify CMS to an 11ty-based website

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