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Shoelace: a forward-thinking library of web components

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I’m interested by Shoelace’s MO as a collection of pre-rolled, customisable web components. The idea is that it lets individuals and teams start building with web components – components that are web-native, framework-agnostic and portable – way more quickly.

I guess it’s a kind of Bootstrap for web components? I’m interested to see how well it’s done, how customisable the components are, and how useful it is in real life. Or if nothing else, I’m interested to see how they built their components!

It’s definitely an interesting idea.

I'll delve into Shoelace in more detail in the future when I have time, but in the meantime I was able to very quickly knock together a codepen that renders a Dropdown instance.

Thanks to Chris Ferdinandi for sharing Shoelace.

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