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Building the main navigation for a website (on

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learn about semantic HTML, accessibility, and how using ARIA attributes can sometimes do more harm than good.

Alongside all the sound accessibility and hiding-related advice, I also found Manuel’s approach to progressive enhancement interesting. Rather than i) include a hamburger button directly in the DOM and set its initial state to hidden; or ii) create the button element with JavaScript, he instead nests the button in a template element then clones that element with JavaScript. He later tweeted his rationale for this approach:

If JS doesn't work, the markup inside the template won't be rendered on screen and it's more convenient to prepare the markup upfront instead of using document.createElement().

The ability to prepare complex, JS-dependent component markup upfront in declarative HTML rather than recreating it in JavaScript is a compelling argument for his approach. Especially so if you don’t work in JS framework-based systems therefore your components are not written in JavaScript.

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