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Swipey image grids (on

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A lovely post by Cassie Evans in which she demonstrates that SVG is not just for icons and illustrations. You might also reach for it to create a responsive, animated grid of images.

we have another grid at our disposal. SVG has its own internal coordinate system and it's responsive by design.

There are lots of interesting techniques in here such as:

  • layering an <image> on top of a shape such as a <rect>;
  • using preserveAspectRatio to make the image fully cover and fit the shape when their aspect ratios differ;
  • using <clipPath> as a custom-shaped window to an image (for example a <circle>);
  • giving the <clipPath>’s nested shape a solid fill to hide the <image> to which it’s applied;
  • animating a rectangular <clipPath> applied to an image to give the effect of the image “sliding into view”; and
  • using Greensock to make sequencing multiple animations easy and to ensure they work consistently across browsers.

However I also loved this simple piece of practical advice to help picture the SVG’s viewbox and plot shapes on top:

I usually get a pen and paper out at this point and doodle it out.

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