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Big picture performance analysis using Lighthouse Parade (on Cloud Four)

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I like the sound of this performance analysis tool from the clever folks at Cloud Four, especially because it covers your entire site rather than just a single page.

Lighthouse Parade is a Node.js command line tool that crawls a domain and gathers lighthouse performance data for every page. With a single command, the tool will crawl an entire site, run a Lighthouse report for each page, and then output a spreadsheet with the aggregated data.

It was also easy to run with no local installation, via:

npx lighthouse-parade

However it was taking a long time to run over all the pages of my statically generated site (there are lots of pages), so much so that I felt I needed to stop it due to my laptop sounding like it was about to take off. So if running it again, I’d probably only do so on a smaller site, or first check the tool’s documentation to see if either scope-limiting or sitemap-based crawling support have been added.

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