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SVG Crop

Here’s a handy-looking tool for the SVG editing toolkit.

Remove blank space from around any SVG instantly.

The Size of Space (on

This interactive, web-based tool which lets you swipe through various space objects to see their relative size is pretty cool, really nicely done, and handy whenever you could use a dose of perspective! (via @adactio)

8 Days: To the Moon and Back (on BBC iPlayer)

Previously classified cockpit audio, recorded by the astronauts themselves, gives a unique insight into their fears and excitement as they undertake the mission. And dramatic reconstruction brings those recordings to life, recreating the crucial scenes that were never filmed - the exhilarating launch, the first sight of the moon, the dramatic touchdown and nail-biting journey home.

Original archive footage from the Apollo programme is combined with newly shot film and cinematic CGI to create the ultimate documentary of the ultimate human adventure.

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