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Source Serif 4

Here’s a nice demo page for Source Serif 4 which illustrates its versatility.

Source Serif is an open-source typeface for setting text in many sizes, weights, and languages. The design of Source Serif represents a contemporary interpretation of the transitional typefaces of Pierre-Simon Fournier. Additionally, Source Serif has been conceived as a friendly companion to Paul D. Hunt’s Source Sans.

Complete Guide to Source Sans Pro (on Beautiful Web Type)

At the time of writing, my personal website uses the typeface Source Sans Pro and has done for around two years. I already employ a number of its cool features however this lovely demo page provides further inspiration.

Source Sans Pro is a versatile typeface designed particularly for user interfaces. Its letterforms are slightly condensed allowing them to fit into tight spaces within a UI, and remain well-defined even at small sizes.

FS Split Sans and FS Split Serif (

Although FS Split started out as a project to create a fresh, modern new sans, it has developed into a broad type family that can bring so much variety to everything from magazines and packaging to websites and branding. The conflicting yet harmonising nature of sans and serif should give designers the tools they need to be both bold and subtle, eclectic and ordinary, contemporary and classic.

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