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Weekend in the ‘hood

Last weekend was pretty dull and rainy in Glasgow but Clair and I visited a bunch of great local places to keep the spirits up.

Every time I watch nostalgic TV documentaries about Scottish films I see Just a Boys’ Game and Just Another Saturday – both written by Peter McDougall – come up. I just watched Just a Boys’ Game (available on Google Play) and loved it. Set in 1979 Glasgow, this is a gritty story with refreshingly good acting that really captures the finer points of the social and economic mood of the time.

BBC Four - Primal Scream: The Lost Memphis Tapes

The sessions recorded by the band in Memphis with the legendary record producer Tom Dowd, along with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section musicians Roger Hawkins, drums, and David Hood, bass, did not make the light of day, because some of the mixes were not suitable in the musical climate at the time.

As I got on my usual bus from Stockwell St to Vic Rd this eve, I noticed it was the same driver whose bus I’d taken twice last week and both times it had broken down – that’s two days in a row – leaving me to walk home in the usual January post-apocalyptic shitstorm. I got on his bus today and no sooner was it 200 yards down the road than it crashed into a taxi, across from Marks and Sparks. Everybody out – again. That’s 3 times I’ve been on his bus, and three times it’s broken down for one reason or another. The shittest hat-trick ever 😂. I need to find out this guy’s name so I can never get on a plane with him.

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