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Fixing Github Command Line Authentication Issues

On at least two ocassions I’ve found myself scratching my head when an attempted push to a newly-created Github repo is met with authentication failures, despite me being sure I’m using the correct credentials.

Here’s the lowdown on the issue and how to resolve it.

Semantic Commit Messages

A fairly rigid commit format (chore, fix, feat etc) which should lead to your git log being an easy-to-skim changelog.

My Git Cheatsheet

I’ve used Git for many years but it can still trip me up. At times I’ve worked primarily in a GUI (like Sourcetree or Fork), and other times directly on the command line. I’ve worked on projects where I’ve been the sole developer and others where I’m part of a large team. Regardless of the tools or context, I’ve learned there are certain need-to-knows. Here’s a list of useful Git concepts and commands for my reference and yours.

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