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Brilliant first day at We Out Here 2022

Had such a good day yesterday @weoutherefest with Tom, Jason and Craig. In the afternoon we checked Enny, Sally Rodgers (A Man Called Adam) and Aletha. We then stopped for a short break to sample the food and drink (Char Sui Vermicelli from the NAM stall and a break from beer for a cracking coffee). Our nighttime choices were Bake, Charlie Dark, Pearson Sound and Alex Nut.

The absolute highlight was Charlie Dark in the forest. Amazing woodland setting and a killer set! Charlie has such great energy both on the decks and on the mic. He played a mix of house, techno, disco and broken biznizz – right up my street! Great mixing too (aided by his old-school lollipop headphone).

Time for Round Two!

Herbie Hancock in Edinburgh

Just had a memorable experience with Jason and Tom catching Herbie Hancock at the Edinburgh Festival. At 82 years old he still has amazing energy and capped his performance with a tour of the stage playing his keytar followed by a scissor jump!

Herbie’s piano playing was mesmerising – the solos really took me to another place and if this is how he plays in his eighties I can only imagine how good his gigs were in his prime. I also loved his warm anecdotes, including one about his friend Wayne Shorter just before treating us to a rendition of Footprints.

Other highlights included Cantaloupe Island, the mindbending Actual Proof and hearing guitarist Lionel Louke coax sounds from a guitar that you wouldn’t think possible.

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