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Experimenting with CSS cascade layers

Back in June I attended CSS Day in Amsterdam. One of my favourite talks was The CSS Cascade – A Deep Dive by Bramus van Damme. Bramus covered everything we wanted to know about the cascade but were afraid to ask! And that included an introduction to CSS Cascade Layers – the latest game-changing CSS feature.

Getting Started With CSS Cascade Layers, by Stephanie Eckles

Yesterday I read Eric Meyer discussing CSS Cascade Layers and commenting that the speed at which it had transitioned from first public working draft to shipping as a full public release in every major desktop and mobile browser had made his head spin. Amazing stuff and an indicator of the turbo-boosted pace at which modern CSS is now evolving.

It also made me want to properly read up on Cascade Layers, because I knew some of the theory but now wanted to consider using it in practice. I’m no great fan of “cascade-taming” CSS frameworks like BEM and SUIT (although I acknowledge why we have them) so I’m interested to know if Cascade Layers can replace them. Stephanie Eckles’ article is an excellent primer.

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