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How to debug event listeners with your browser’s developer tools (on Go Make Things)

On the page, right-click the element you want to debug event listeners for, then click Inspect Element. In chromium-based browsers like MS Edge and Google Chrome, click the Event Listeners tab in Developer Tools. There, you’ll see a list of all of the events being listened to on that element. If you expand the event, you can see what element they’re attached to and click a link to open up the actual event listener itself in the JavaScript.

Comparing Browsers for Responsive Design (on CSS-Tricks)

Chris Coyier checks out Sizzy, Polypane et al and decides which suits him best.

There are a number of these desktop apps where the goal is showing your site at different dimensions all at the same time. So you can, for example, be writing CSS and making sure it’s working across all the viewports in a single glance.

Polypane: The browser for responsive web development and design

Polypane is a browser built specifically for developing responsive websites. It can present typical device resolutions side-by-side (for example iphone SE next to iphone 7 next to iPad) but also has some nice features such as automatically creating views based on your stylesheet’s media query breakpoints.

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