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Tenet, revisited

I watched Tenet again last night (in IMAX with Jamie) and second time round it all made sense.

My initial viewing was good but really confusing; but this time I knew what was going on and loved it! Based on the plot, it actually makes sense that you need to see it twice, too.

This film has its flaws, no doubt, but for sheer invention, visuals you’ve genuinely never seen before, combined with the overall look, sound and mood, Mr Nolan has me hook, line and sinker and TBH I will likely never tire of watching his films. I expect to revisit this one roughly another ten times in the next year!

Footnote: I’ve been enjoying some internet rabbit-holing to squeeze out every last nuance of the plot I might have missed. Here are some great articles and resources which have helped (with the usual “heavy spoilers” caveat):

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