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How would you build Wordle with just HTML & CSS? by Scott Jehl

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Scott proposes an interview question relating to web standards and intelligent use of JavaScript.

How would you attempt to build Wordle (...or some other complex app) if you could only use HTML and CSS? Which features of that app would make more sense to build with JavaScript than with other technologies? And, can you imagine a change or addition to the HTML or CSS standard that could make any of those features more straight-forward to build?

Discussing any approaches to this challenge will reveal the candidate's broad knowledge of web standards–including new and emerging HTML and CSS features–and as a huge benefit, it would help select for the type of folks who are best suited to lead us out of the JavaScript over-reliance problems that are holding back the web today.

I hate interviews (and the mere thought of interviews), but I could handle being asked a question like this.

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