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Live at the Liquid Room, Tokyo (review by Pitchfork)

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Pitchfork’s review of Jeff Mills’ seminal mixtape is the best-written and most enjoyable music article I’ve read in years. The mixtape in question is also very close to my heart.

this is a mix without equal, the Techno Bible, unequivocally The One.

Then, as now, Liquid Room stands as a high-water mark of a Black artform built around space travel and the necessity of forward motion: ’90s techno at its most unyielding and free.

Agreed! Fun fact: in 1996, having played the shit out of my cassette copy for a few months, I went to see Jeff DJ at the Arena in Glasgow in 1996 and he signed the inlay! I would normally be embarassed at having done this… but not in this case.

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