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Lean “plugin subscription form” by Chris Ferdinandi

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I enjoyed this two-part tutorial from Chris arising from his critique of a subscription form plugin which includes the entire React library to achieve what could be done with a lightweight HTML and vanilla JavaScript solution. Chris advocates a progressively-enhanced approach. Instead of rendering the form with JavaScript he renders it in HTML and argues that not only is there no need for the former approach – because forms natively work without JavaScript – but also it only introduces fragility where we could provide resilience.

Part one: Using a wrecking ball when a hammer would suffice

Part two: More HTML, less JavaScript

I also recreated the front-end parts in a codepen to help this sink in.

Lastly, as someone who always favours resilience over fragility I wanted to take a moment to consider the part that Chris didn’t cover – why JavaScript is required at all. I guess it’s because, being a plugin, this is intended for portability and you as author have decided you want the error and success messaging to be “white-labelled” on the consuming website rather than for the user to be taken to a separate website. You don’t know the context’s stack so to provide a universally-supported solution you use JavaScript to handle the messaging, which then means you need to use JS to orchestrate everything else – preventing default submission, validating, fetch-based submission and API response handling.

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