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Chris Packham interview in The Guardian

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The naturalist, TV campaigner and activist on growing up, autism and asking himself “what is the best use of me?”.

He’s such a brilliant, sensitive soul, but it must be hard work being Chris Packham.

Growing up I was never a fan of nature programmes like The Really Wild Show so I didn’t pay Chris Packham too much attention. However in the last few years I've grown really fond of him. That's in part due to his revelations about his punky musical leanings and attitude, but more so due to his candid description of his autism, then his work to bring the true nature of autism and neruodivergency into the public eye and in doing so help others.

He’s also quite inspirational in trying to do the right thing in many ways, despite significant challenges.

This was an enjoyable and insightful interview although some of the parts about his losing beloved animals alongside other dark moments make for tough reading. Still though, I'm now considering reading Fingers in the sparkle jar.

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