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Bobby Gillespie remembers Andrew Weatherall (The Guardian)

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I think of him as a true bohemian; he made etchings, he wrote, he read a lot. Andrew always had a book on the go, maybe two. I remember he gave me his copy of Hunger by Knut Hamsun when I told him I hadn’t read it. There was this other side to him that was deep, curious, well-read. I guess he was a classic autodidact, hungry for knowledge.

Over the last week, the UK music scene has been remembering Andrew Weatherall who sadly died aged only 56.

Bobby Gillespie’s tribute recalls how Weatherall was a fan of some of Primal Scream’s unfashionable songs before he transformed their fortunes with his production on Loaded and Screamadelica, and provides an insight into an outsider with a big heart. (via @SoundClashVic)

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