Interesting and worth reading.

I’ve just read Poverty Safari by Darren McGarvey.

The evocative title came from McGarvey’s initial reaction to the “The Glasgow Effect”, a PhD undertaken being undertaken in 2016 by foreign student XYZ . Her idea was to ... I remember this causing an uproar on social media. McGarvey himself lead the backlash, describing her idea as a Poverty Safari.

reflects on Grenfell Tower as a preventable disaster, the result of industrial-scale negligence. He feels a strong connection to the people of Grenfell - isolated, invisible, ignored, unimportant. How there was a poverty safari in the aftermath. Wants to give context to the outpouring of rage following Grenfell. Wants the book to resonate with people who feel misunderstood and unheard like he has and to help provide a forum that might give voice to their feelings. And wants to suggest how things might change. Loved words but struggled to read (couldn’t concentrate) when younger despite wanting to. Also attended secondary school in an area where reading and academic achievement was the preserve of posh people and freaks. Made the decision that big books were for people who went to fancy schools, lived in fancy houses, spoke in fancy accents, ate posh foods. A false belief. Decided that the books were rubbish (pretentious, upper class) rather than the inadequacies might be his own. He felt excluded leading him to adopting a world view that put him at odds with things. Crime and Violence: Works in Prisons, Young Offfenders Institutions (rap workshop). “Prison is by far the most violent place in society.”. Level of violence often mirrored in communities in which prisoners grew up, and acts are so frequent that people become desensitised to them. Hard not to get drawn into the culture. Required for survival. People there have experienced some type of abuse. Triggers factors leading to offending behaviour: low self-esteem, poor educational attainment, substance misuse, social exclusion. They deserve to be punished but it’s important to recognise that the starting point as victims.