In second year a nice school pal introduced me to The Cure when I was on an otherwise strict diet of rave tapes. Mixed Up with its dubby extended mixes sealed the deal. Shamefully haven’t yet seen them live so I’m at fever pitch for tomorrow’s gig at Bellahouston. Hopefully see some of you there!

Time’s Healing

Must have missed this track (from The Sorrow of Derdriu) on previous listens. A Bladerunner-esque beauty!

Mac-Talla Nan Creag – The Sorrow of Derdriu

The Sorrow of Derdriu. Photo by Oli Breidfjord.
The Sorrow of Derdriu. Photo by Oli Breidfjord.

Just took delivery of this feast for the eyes and ears from Firecracker Recordings. Other Lands, Lord Of The Isles and friends on the sounds; House Of Traps and co. on the stellar artwork. Like the first release this was made in association with The Forestry Commission, is totally unique and I highly recommend grabbing a copy.

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